Everything that is, was, and will be, eternally IS,
even the countless forms, which are finite and perishable….
~ Helena Blavatsky
From the vast Earth Herself to the smallest living entities, all life on earth is
composed of the same stuff as the stars. It is merely rearranged and coalesced
into new forms of beauty. What an amazing result: to be alive in physical form!
Life on Earth is boundless Light temporarily knowing itself through physical
aspects of the universe. As such, beyond the daily grind and immense global crises,
we are also immersed in miraculous and limitless beauty. And all our relations with
whom we share this milieu are also rearranged and coalesced stuff-of-the-stars.
As humans, because of our gift of awareness, we have the privilege of being
able to experience and witness – and to know we are experiencing and witnessing –
this miracle we call Life. We are astonishing manifestations of the yin-yang nature
of the universe: visible and invisible as well as finite and infinite all at once.
This complex, dense, and intense wonder of Life-in-physical-form might also
be called frozen starlight or Grounded Light.
Photo by Barbara
Lake Harriet
Minneapolis, MN