Welcome to 2020. Some days it’s hard to see a future that’s worth much.
~ Comment on Facebook

All I know is to trust what is called forth from me at any time. That is my job.
And that’s everyone’s job. To ask: “What is mine to do right now?”
We have an internal guidance system that can bring us to the right act.
We are woven into this larger intelligence.
We know we have our role and our place in the tapestry.
~ Charles Eisenstein


The current global compression waves are becoming more and more dense and intense – perhaps especially in the US. And it appears that the resulting tension will not lessen any time soon. Rather, the waves are more likely to continue to tighten and escalate in the coming months.

For many of us, the pressure is on. It is easy to become affected by, and even caught up in, these powerful and constricting waves. I’m noticing that many of us are feeling overwhelmed and, symbolically if not really, wanting 2020 to be over and done with.

So what to do? How to be in love with 2020?

I recently viewed a profound video by Charles Eisenstein called, How Much Good Can One Person Really Do? He talks about how no act is wasted and about how not only do our everyday, often invisible, acts – like parenting, making a good meal, tending a garden, taking a walk in nature – ripple out into space. They also ripple forward in time. It brings to mind how the light we see from a faraway star left that star thousands of light years ago. The light originated in a different space and a different time. Yet, we see it and feel its impact today! 

I like the question,“What is mine to do right now?” And, I’ve been holding a further question of, “How do I know what’s mine to do right now?” What has come to me so far is that ‘right acts’:

  • are inseparable from my ‘raison d’etre’, my reason for being
  • meet a desire to give, to be of service – to other beings and to myself
  • are fulfilling, fun, playful, and nourishing even when challenging
  • quiet the noise of the world’s fear and anxiety and introduce harmony – even if only for a moment
  • are affirmed from within whether affirmed by others or not
  • radiate out as gifts where quality matters more than volume, quantity, duration or any other metric

Thus, conscious awareness of the power of compression waves can be a balm in itself. It can relieve stress. It can remind us of where and when we have choice; of how we can introduce our individual rarefaction waves of openness and expansion. Such awareness can help us remember that, like drops of water into a lake, our choices ripple outward. And, while subtle at the level in the physical world, the results become transference waves of love, compassion, and forgiveness that interact with, interfere with, and impact the global compression waves.


Photo by Barbara
Lake Harriet
Minneapolis, MN