February 6

This email marks the completion of two years of Kaleidoscope Featured Excerpts and points just a bit to what’s coming next. It also gives me a good opportunity to reflect on and celebrate us.

Collectively, we live on six continents and span more than fifty years of my life. During the first weeks of this project many people unsubscribed. I was challenged not to become disheartened. Thus, a dear friend and I created a mantra for me that is still taped to my computer screen. It reads: “We are reaching exactly the right people at exactly the right time in exactly the right way.” It really helped! And, these days there are almost no unsubcribes. That’s heartening. As I look at you, again as a collective, what I see is people who are genuinely good and caring as well as boundlessly curious and creative. Well, of course, life can be challenging and we all are still works in progress with flat sides, shadows, and sad days now and then. Yet, to me, you are Beacons of Light! Thank you.

This email is the 108th weekly email. It all began with a haiku in January 2017. On Inauguration Day, to be exact. The first of the Kaleidoscope Featured Excerpts with different monthly themes began in February and they have continued for 24 months. Last week’s was the last for that project. All of the excerpts are still available online under ‘Kaleidoscope’ in the nav bar. In the coming weeks I will be introducing a newly emerging weekly offering. At the moment, I’m listening deeply.

While I had considered doing something like this with the Kaleidoscopes, I actually committed on the night Trump won the 2016 election. Why? I see this work as a counterbalance to the chaos and darkness both within each of us and in the world as a whole. It is about harmony and beauty that lessens the dissonance. Like you, I’m doing my best to live into my potential, my reason for being. These emails are my form of activism at this time: consciously lifting the vibration. They are my way of supporting us in continuing to consciously serve as links between what has been and what is becoming; as we walk our purposeful and meaningful paths day by day in the world as it is. Just through our presence, we make it a better place.

The image above is part of one of my first artistic projects from the mid-1990s called Blessings for the Journey. The words come from a book I was writing at the time. Leadership in a Challenging World: A Sacred Journey was published in 1997.