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HEALING THEME Designed to support you in experiencing more of the joy of living through healing at all levels.

SACRED HOME This piece sits in the Giant Sequoias of the Sierra Nevada Mountains in California, USA. Perhaps this place might be called “Gently Touch the Earth.” The root systems of the Giant Sequoias only go a few feet into the earth. How do they stand so tall, so healthy, so long? They intertwine with the root systems of each other and, thus, create a network of interdependence and support.

STONE ATTRIBUTES The stones are carnelian, bloodstone, serpentine, and rhyolite. Together they create a story of physical healing and spiritual strength. These are stones of healing and being healed, stones of energy, of courage, of protection against envy, fear, rage, and sorrow, of releasing the past and coming fully into the now, a story of breaking through barriers to reach a joyous state of knowing and a mastery of renewal.

COLORS The colors orange, brown, green, and red together represent qualities of warmth and creativity, earth and groundedness, healing, new life, and strength. These colors especially support chakras 1 (life), 2 (passion), 3 (personal power), and 4 (love).

NUMBERS “Earth’s Gentle Touch” vibrates to the number 3 which signifies creation and expression. Other significant numbers are 6 and 9. Each side has 51 stones (which reduces to 6) and the entire necklace has 102 (3) stones. The stones are in multiples of 3/6/9. Key attributes of these numbers are healing, compassion, and service — for yourself (3), for your family and friends (6), and for all life (9).

GEOMETRY Hidden within the arrangement is an energy grid of triangles and multiple triangles (3/6/9/12), the geometry of creation, generating energy, and the light body.

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