25 Ancient Future600

25 Ancient Future


HEALING THEME Designed to bring support for both what is visible and what is invisible, from both what is ancient and what is emerging and, thus, allows you to better hold paradox and apparent contradiction with lightness.

SACRED HOME This piece sits in Canyon de Chelly of the Navajo Reservation in Arizona, USA. Canyon de Chelly is unique in the US National Park System in that, unlike most parks where people visit but do not live, people continue to live here and to farm the land. Thus, the place becomes one that holds commonly held opposites as complements.

STONE ATTRIBUTES The stones are red coral, riverstone, silver leaf jasper, and black onyx. Collectively they create a story of recognizing wholeness in what looks like opposites, of balancing past and future by living fully in the present, a story of remembering that one is on this physical plane to manifest and, in the process, to bring joy and substance to oneself and to others.

COLORS The colors white, black, red and gray together represent qualities of clarity, pure potential, spiritual potency and maturity, life and vitality, and balance. These colors especially activate chakras 1 (life), 2 (passion), 3 (personal power), 4 (love).

NUMBERS “Ancient Future” vibrates to the number 4 which symbolizes the miracle of manifestation of both the seen and unseen. Other significant numbers are 11 and 22. This piece has 67 stones (which reduces to 4). The stones are all in multiples of 11 and 22 — except for the endstone which symbolizes focus, aim, piercing power and the ability to develop clear direction toward what you want to manifest in your life. The numbers 11 and 22 are both master numbers that, in combination, signify seeing the bigger picture, the grander wisdom, and offer power at all levels but especially in intuition, inspiration, and revelation.

GEOMETRY Hidden within the arrangement is an energy grid squares juxtaposed on 5-pointed stars, a geometry generating energies of manifestation while in human form.


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