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28 Grand Participation


HEALING THEME Designed to support you in learning more about your place and your collaborative part in your birth and/or chosen family, the family of humanity, the family of all life on earth, and the family of all Creation.

SACRED HOME This piece sits with the hummingbird of the Nazca Lines in Peru. Talk about Grand Participation! Believed to have been created a couple of thousand years ago by the Nazca Indian family, hundreds of miles of lines, geometric figures, and figures of animals and birds decorate the pampa, making Nazca the largest site of geoglyphs in the world — not to mention one of the most mystifying to today’s human family.

STONE ATTRIBUTES The endstone symbolizes life — fullness, guardianship of, and connection to all life. The stones are smoky quartz, green tourmaline, black onyx, and yellow quartzite. Collectively they create a story of balance, grounding, and protection, of attentiveness to your unique opportunities in each moment, of awareness of being unconditionally loved and at home in the universe, a story of creative and healing cooperation with All.

COLORS The colors brown, green, black, and yellow together represent qualities of rich earth and its deep forest, the cosmos with the sun. These colors especially activate chakras 1 (life), 2 (passion), 3 (personal power).

NUMBERS “Grand Participation” vibrates to the number 6 which symbolizes attention to nurturing family. Other significant numbers are 5 and 8. Each side has 50 stones (which reduces to 5) and the entire set has 105 (6) stones. The stones are all in multiples that reduce to 5, 6, or 8. These are the numbers of humanity and freedom, responsibility, compassion, home, and material manifestation.

GEOMETRY Hidden within the arrangement is an energy grid of 2 stars, one 6-pointed and the other 7-pointed, uniting the geometry of healing energies with the geometry of the mystical.


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