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HEALING THEME Designed to support you in initiating a new cycle in your life.

SACRED HOME This piece sits in northern Minnesota, USA, near Lake Superior. The Laurentian Shield, called Turtle Island by the Native Americans, is some of the oldest exposed rock on earth. On one portion, called “Superior Upland,” there is a rare 3-way continental divide marking the beginnings of rivers, new cycles of water, that flow north to Hudson Bay, east to the Atlantic Ocean, and south to the Gulf of Mexico.

STONE ATTRIBUTES The stones are red aventurine, coral, crazy lace agate, and yellow quartzite. In concert, they create a story of insight into how to diminish limitations of the mind, of activating the heart center, of amplifying your leadership qualities, of wise decision-making, of allowing you to laugh heartily, a story of awakening your inherent talents and mastery of your future.

COLORS The colors pink, orange, brown, maroon, and yellow together represent qualities of mother earth, dawn, love and warmth, confidence, and fullness. These colors especially support chakras 2 (passion), 3 (personal power), and 4 (love).

NUMBERS “Superior Sunrise” vibrates to the number 1 which signifies beginnings. Other significant numbers are 8, 9, and 11. Each side has 28 stones (which reduces to 1) and the entire piece has 65 (11) + 1 stones. The stones are in multiples of 8, 9, and 11. Key attributes of these numbers are initiative, inspiration, material manifestation, and service.

GEOMETRY Hidden within the arrangement is an energy grid of a triangle (the creative) and a square (manifestation) juxtaposed on an upward-pointing pentagram (the human).

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