BirthSongs For Children

BirthSongs offer a gift of earth’s natural and precious beauty for a child’s birth or birthday. Natural stones might be compared to the bones of the earth  Not only are BirthSongs beautiful, but they also assist a child in becoming well-grounded and contented in body and soul.

There is a story of an indigenous tribe where, prior to the birth of a child, people listen until they ‘hear’ the song of the soul.  This song is sung at the birth of the infant, at every major life transition, and at the person’s death. Also, if the person strays or errors in some way, instead of giving punishment, the people of the community sing the person’s song to help him or her remember who he or she REALLY is.

The ‘songs’ for these necklaces and bracelets are related to the ancient and modern meanings attributed to the ‘keystones.’  These keystones form an energy grid that is a powerful garland of Earth’s love and support. The geometry of the keystones includes a triangle (creation), a square (manifestation), and a 7-pointed mystical star (as a connection from heaven and into the earth).

You may be drawn to a particular BirthSong for a special child in your life because it is aligned with the month of that child’s birth.  Or you may be drawn to certain stones or colors.  Or to the theme of its song.  Trust your preferences. Mother Earth is generous. All necklaces and bracelets can grace all children.

It is not necessary for the child to wear the stones in order to receive their benefits. You can lay the stones on the baby as you nurse or hang them in a baby’s room. As the child grows, he or she may choose to wear the stones. Or to store them in a pouch near the bed – as my son did with his when he was not wearing them.

January – Health and Vitality – Garnet, Mother of Pearl
February – Peace and Gentleness – Amethyst, Blue Lace Agate (shown)
March – Sweetness and Beauty – Aquamarine, Rhodochrosite
April – Love and Joy – Rhodochrosite, Blue Quartz
May –Dreams and Inspiration – Jade, Yellow Quartzite
June – Truth and Harmony – Rose Quartz, Iolite
July – Power and Balance – Black Onyx, Howlite, Ruby
August – Trust and East – Unakite, Peach Coral, Peridot
September – Freedom and Adventure – Carnelian, Amazonite
October – Creativity and Light – Lapis Lazuli, Rhodonite
November – Confidence and Action – Citrine, Garnet
December – Connection and Belonging – Turquoise, Charoite