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C & D) LovesTones (Venus and Mars)


A necklace, bracelet, and earrings for Venus; a bracelet for Mars.  For two people to share or you can combine them to form a whole (like the yin-yang symbol) for yourself.

These pieces are designed to support you in experiencing the magical and mystical manifestation of your heart’s desire through your power to love yourself, each other, and all who pass your way.  They represent the qualities of both archetypal masculine and feminine as complement and integration.

The designs are very simple in appearance with complexity under the surface.  Complexity is often mistaken for mastery.  Yet, true mastery is simplicity.  This trust is learned from living in complexity.  Many of us find ourselves following a pattern of simplicity – complexity – simplicity as we traverse our lives.  Another manifestation of complement and integration.

LovesTones were originally commissioned as a wedding gift.  They came forth just following the creation of StoneCircles.  Therefore, they have a story in the same form as the StoneCircles.  Here it is:

Theme:  LovesTones are designed to support you in experiencing the magical and mystical manifestation of your heart’s desire through your power to love yourselves, each other, and all who pass your way.

Numbers:  LovesTones vibrates to the number 11 which is a master number that signifies a higher octave of relationship, a spiritual partnership.  Other significant numbers are 1, 2, 5.  Each side of the necklace, for example, has 5 crystals (or opals), 5 riverstones,  11 pearls, and 11 mother of pearls.  In the center 1 crystal (or opal) stands alone, uniting the two into one.   Attributes of these numbers are unity, partnership — both earthly and spiritual partnership — and a reminder for us to notice the humanity within ourselves and each other with love, compassion, and forgiveness.

Geometry:  Hidden within the arrangement is an energy grid of squares and juxtaposed on 7-pointed stars. This geometry unites the physical and the spiritual.

Colors:  The colors in the Venus necklace, bracelet and earrings are white, cream, and ivory.  The colors of the Mars bracelet are gold, brown, silver, gray, and black.  Together they represent a balance of yin and yang, of feminine and masculine, a balance of heaven and earth.  They also echo the natural flow of cycles through life — as happens each and every day, for example, in the cycle of darkness of night to dawn to brightness of day to dusk and to darkness of night once again.

Stone Attributes:  For Venus, the stones are crystal, opal, pearl, mother of pearl, moonstone, and riverstone.  For Mars, the stones are silver leaf jasper, black onyx, picture jasper, hematite, and pearl.   In concert, they create a story of a rainbow of colors, clarity, and wholeness; of wisdom, gentleness, and kindness; of nurturing, caring, purity, and love; of groundedness and pure potential, of opening your hearts to being two beings in love.

LovesTones ‘Place’:  LovesTones are part of The ‘Music of the Spheres’ collection. In specific, these stones are associated with the planets Venus and Mars.  These two planets are physically on either side of the earth and they metaphysically represent the archetypal feminine (Venus) and masculine (Mars) in partnership.

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