Kunsite Pleiades Agape

Pleiades: Agape


The Pleiades, also known as The Seven Sisters, is a cluster of stars in the constellation Taurus The Bull.

The special stones in this necklace are the kunzite irregular shapes as well as the oval on either side of the irregular shapes. Kunzite was first discovered just a little over 100 years ago. It is a stone of divine love and activating the heart’s knowing. It’s star, or rather, stars are the Pleiades also known as The Seven Sisters. They correspond with the seven chakras and align with wisdom. Some believe that our ancestors came from the Pleiades.

The design of the necklace is linked to the number seven on many levels both physical and metaphysical. Seven, as in the seven-pointed star, is a mystical number. It is also the number of introspection and inner wisdom. If we begin with the pearls at the back, there are 16 (1 + 6 = 7) on each side. Next, there are 7 irregular stones: six in the necklace itself and one as a drop.  There are seven pearls attached to seven pieces of chain (six hanging in front and one by the clasp). Each piece of chain has seven links.