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A well-known one-word prayer is “Namaste.” Its meaning is “The Divine Spark in me greets The Divine Spark in you.” That vibration is built into the design of this necklace. Then it is radiated to everyone you meet.

This necklace has a geometry built into that literally comes from sound. Its creation came at a time when I received a set of 11 tuning forks that are calibrated to 4 and 5 decimal places to the various rings encircling Saturn. It is evidence that when we do the math, beauty results! You may use your necklace to pray for others. I have found mine especially helpful in praying for those with whom I feel a polarity or separation.


One translation of Namaste is “The Divine Spark in me greets The Divine Spark in you.”  As you wear your necklace that vibration of Namaste is radiated to everyone you meet.  You may use your necklace to pray for others.  I have found mine especially helpful in praying for those with whom I a polarity or separation.

I was working with a very special and powerful set of tuning forks that are calibrated to the frequencies of the rings of Saturn (based on NASA data).  Their purpose is to help us evolve our DNA, to activate additional strands beyond the two currently active. The set of 11 tuning forks of Saturn’s rings has engraved frequency numbers out to 4 and 5 decimal places. As I initially worked with the forks, I played not only with the sounds but also with the numbers. More specifically, I played with the numbers that represented the difference between combinations of two forks when they are stuck together.  When two tones are played, what we hear is the difference between them.

The results show some very interesting patterns. One is that almost all of the results are odd numbers. The most commonly occurring number is 9. Then comes 3, 7, 5, 11, 33, 55, and then 1. The least occurring numbers are 4, 8, and 6.  2 and 22 do not occur at all. Yet they are present – hidden as the intervals between all of the numbers that do occur.


45 =   9        Shortest strand
55 = 55       Middle strand
63 =   9        Longest strand
………..7        Stones connecting strands
…..+    1        Stone at end of the extender
.171 = 9

171 = 9        Three strands of stones
90 = 9        Links of chain
+ 36 = 9        Hanging stones
.297 = 9  


As I sat to create my first Namaste necklace, all of this work with numbers was fresh and present. Thus, I used odd numbers and sterling silver rings for the basic design of the three strands.

There is a sequence within each strand. 3 groups of 3 to equal 9 provide the foundation.  1s and groups of 5 and 7 are interspersed. The number 11 is also present but hidden in the groups of 9.  These hidden numbers allow for the presence of the even numbers behind the design’s emphasis on the odd numbers as a way of honoring the Whole (11  – 9 = 2 and 7 – 5 = 2). In the sequences below, the hidden numbers are shown in parentheses.  The dashes within the sequences represent a 3-link section of chain. The shortest strand has 45 stones which reduces to 9.

3 — 9 (11) — 3 — 9 (11) — 3 — 9 (11) — 3

The middle strand would have 54 (reduces to 9) stones in the ideal world but we’re in a Fibonacci world so it has 55 stones. The added 1 (54+1) represents births and beginnings.

3 — 9 (11) — 5 (7) — 9 (11) — 5 (7) —  9 (11) — 3

The longest strand has 63 stones which reduces to 9.

5 (7) — 9 (11) — 5 (7) — 9 (11) — 5 (7) —  9 (11) — 5 (7)

7 stones connect the strands to each other.  1 stone hangs at the end of the extender.

A different pattern contributes to the hanging stones on the 3-strand necklace. The 12 stones (12 reduces to 3 in numerology) form a 3/4/5 triangle with 3 stones on the shortest strand, 4 on the middle, and 5 on the longest. They also represent the Fibonacci spiral, which is a basic building block in nature. The numerical sequence of the Fibonacci spiral is 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 22…..  Each number is added to the number before it to get the next number in the sequence. It forms the geometry of the nautilus shell, the pinecone, the reproduction of rabbits…  The Fibonacci spiral is related to the golden mean of sacred geometry – often represented by the nautilus shape – with one significant difference. The golden mean is infinite. It has no beginning and no end. It is the ideal, the Source, God. The Fibonacci spiral, on the other hand, is nature’s way of beginning, allowing birth, and also of moving into the pattern of perfection that is the golden mean. How miraculous!

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