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K) WatersTones (Neptune)


As wearable energy grids composed of 3D triangles (pyramids), WatersTones form waves of support for deep emotional cleansing and healing in the places where peace can be found below the surface — within you and within your significant relationships.

The beautiful creation of a pearl comes into being at all because of an irritation within the clam. The clam doesn’t necessarily know that it is creating beauty.  Its experience, if conscious, might be one of self-protection and self-preservation; one of doing whatever it takes to eliminate the discomfort and dis-ease.  Nonetheless, beauty results. The shape, beauty, and quality of a pearl grows to become what it is because of the shape of the irritation, the shape of the pain.

This is a metaphor for our lives.  No matter how we may suffer through the irritation and pain in our lives, more often than not, what we do with the irritation and pain results in healing beauty through the growth of our consciousness, ‘housed’ in the shell of our bodies. Without having planned to do so, we thus create pearls which are offered tot he world — both knowingly and unknowingly as ‘pearls of wisdom.’  These pearls come from deep within us and from deep places between us.

The surface of a body of water can be in the midst of a raging storm. It doesn’t matter what is happening on the surface when we go under water.  Remember hearing of people who were scuba diving off the coast of Thailand during the tsunami?  They didn’t know anything had happened until they return to the surface. This can be another metaphor for our lives. We can be in the midst of tumultuous events and emotions on the surface.  Yet, when we remember to dive deep into the waters within and between us, there is calm, peace, silence. This is where the pearls grow into beauty — under the surface.

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